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Storybook 1: Synj Storybook 1: Synj

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sorry to break it to ya

your girl friend is cheating on you. im glad you guys had a good time together, but seriously, we didn't need to know about it. thanks for the useless information. (how did this get on the front page?)

Dustball responds:

First of all she's my wife, and secondly... I don't get it. Oh well, whatever you want to think buddy.

Fat Chicks Fat Chicks

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that was a wonderful expose on your homosexual relationship with your boyfriend, i mean butt buddy, i mean room mate. go bang a fat chick, at least it some type of pussy and not your room mate's ass hole.

Sorrow Night *Revised* Sorrow Night *Revised*

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this is neither artsy fartsy nor is it sad. good job writing crappy goth poetry. grow up and stop shopping at hot topic, then give your mom a hug you fool.

Zarchen responds:

... im not a goth, I hate that people stereotypes anyone who makes something that dismisses life a goth... (you can't judge someone's life by one thing)

and I've never even been to a hot topic. x.x, anyhow thanks for the review,

I would give me mom a hug if she was still alive...

but hey, its always nice to try to think happy.

Brawling Brothers Ep. 1 Brawling Brothers Ep. 1

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please delete flash from your hard drive

i am dumbfounded. why did you make this? i cant believe more than one person worked on this, man. why didn't you try mixing the background and the characters better in the fight scene? haveing a vector drawn Bg and sprite characters just doesnt look good when you don't do it properly. but that is the least of your worries your pacing and story telling is horrible. you had a good idea with the mario bros getting into a fight, but then everything goes to shit, and te ending is too sudden and there is no conflict resolution as far as i can tell.

Soxx: the killer bunny Soxx: the killer bunny

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carbon copy

good job you qualify as Jhonen Vasquez's ass friend. i would understand if you were "inspired" by his art work, but this piece borders on some type of copyright infringment. please assimilate some other artists' influences as well. as far as the animation an story telling foes, it kept my attention long enough for me to think "Hey that looks exactly like INvader Zim and JTHM combined... I think I would rather watch Zim now...(click x button on top right corner of window)"

Prelude Prelude

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one day i woke up with spikey hair..... then i could not get the pillow off my head.... this is just some images put together to enhance goth poetry, but the only way to truly enhance your goth poerty would be to stop writing it. you've got almost all hte symbols of "coolness" in your film: spikey hair, blood, angst, black. you must buy your clothes at the Hot Topic, i mean the Gap.

HaZard responds:

Hey...nice chip ;)

"ChopSuey" by SoaD(Demo) "ChopSuey" by SoaD(Demo)

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music video???

seriously, stop working on this and go back to teh drawing board. a music video that is just the band playing the song is boring when it is filmed in real life and it is even more boring when done in flash. im sure you can come up with better visuals to put along with the music since your figure drawing and animation skills aren't that good.

Fart Radio Fart Radio

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please read this before you watch this crap!!!!!!!

dude this really sucks man. dont do it again. please.

Matrix : Episode One Matrix : Episode One

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damn you really suck

god forbid you do something like animate characters or get decent sound effects. please delete your possibly pirated copy of flash, do newgrounds a favor. peace

Aaliyah's dead Aaliyah's dead

Rated 4 / 5 stars


yeah dude r+b do suck funny and offencive the best kind of comedy yay!